What We Have Done

Rawabi Guidance Program

Etijah Coaching Services is working with Rawabi Holding onto implement a career guidance program targeting the youth in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. The career guidance program is a high school program that works to determine students’ skills, abilities and potential future careers. The program helps them learn about careers they might like and to which they might be well-suited. The program is run by career guidance advisors who provide a straightforward career planning process for youth. The advisors match students’ unique interests/skills with possible career paths in an effort to demystify the world of jobs and careers for high school students.


Intelaaq is a student business consultancy that connects students with organizations for semester long engagements. Intelaaq espouses the bridging of the educational institution with the corporate and professional environment. Intelaaq also teaches students the soft and hard skills to facilitate an easier transition to the professional world. Through Intelaaq’s network of professionals, learning will be at the forefront of the initiative.