Who We Are

Our Edge

Etijah Coaching Services is a coaching firm focused on human capital development. Our coaching services cater to businesses, students, and individuals; and are supported by our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) and Business Consulting Divisions. Etijah’s Services can be summarized as follows:

1. Institutional Services
a. Youth Development
b. Business Consulting
c. Business Coaching
d. Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting

2. Individual Services
a. Student Coaching
b. Small Business (and startups) Coaching
c. Individual Coaching

Etijah’s consultants have specialized experience in student counseling and coaching, life and career coaching, and business coaching. In addition, our consultants have a wide range of hands on practical experience in business as well as CSR consulting, over various industries and geographic areas, giving Etijah a diverse spectrum of knowledge in these fields.

Our Mission

To provide superior services to our clients, and to empower and guide them in identifying and achieving their goals.

Our Vision

To become the leading coaching company in the Middle East.

We believe in empowering people

Students, employees, and managers will all achieve greater success when given the right set of tools. Successful people create successful companies, and our goal is to pave the way for companies to increase their earning potential, and for individuals to achieve their goals.


At Etijah, our employees are our greatest asset, and our goal is to consistently provide unmatched service to our clients. We work with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with customized solutions that will lead them to greater success.

Local Experience

Etijah is a local Saudi firm with local market knowledge. Unlike international consultants, our consultants are from the region, and have a deep understanding of the market, the people, and how business is conducted in this part of the world.


We provide unmatched services to our clients by understanding their goals and needs and dedicating our resources to serve them throughout our engagement.