FAQ - Youth Development

Why is youth development so important?

One of the biggest problem facing the youth in the Arab world is unemployment. A major cause of unemployment in the GCC countries specifically is lack of student guidance and development. The guidance process starts at a young age and is critical to every student’s future. Etijah addresses these issues with students and helps develop programs that empower them to attain their goals and be successful in their chosen career paths.

Isn’t a college education sufficient to develop the youth?

A college education is key in youth development, however, a career or degree choice that is entered in to randomly could become more of an obstacle to the student rather than an empowering tool. Therefore it is vital that students obtain adequate guidance proper to obtaining a college degree in order to maximize their performance in and after college.

How can a comprehensive guidance program help students?

A comprehensive guidance program usually helps prepare students for their careers at a young age; the program becomes more intense during the high school years in anticipation for college major selection.