FAQ - Coaching

What is Coaching?

Coaching can be defined as an interaction aimed at helping you to identify and then to achieve goals. Coaching can help you improve your performance and move towards greater success.

Is coaching like therapy?

No, coaching is not like therapy. Therapists help their clients to become fully functional individuals. Often, this requires fixing problems, overcoming issues and challenges from the past, healing, and, sometimes, managing mental illness. Therapy deals most often with the past.

A therapist usually helps the client heal by figuring out "why," while a coach helps the client move forward by focusing on "how.” Coaches help clients focus on their plans for the future through a results-oriented process.

How can business coaching help me and my organization?

Business coaching helps executives and managers become more attuned to their behaviors and skills. It aims to move them to greater success by reflecting on various possibilities and improvements, to eventually move them up the leadership ladder and help them become more effective and efficient leaders in their organizations.