Business Consulting


Etijah’s Business Consulting arm provides superior business solutions to its clients all over the Middle East and ensures the success of every business implementation it manages. Etijah’s unique approach in business consulting helps business owners to grow their businesses and their bottom line.

Etijah’s business consulting services primarily aim to support its business coaching services, but also to cater to small and growing businesses in the region.

This is achieved by understanding the needs, expectations and concerns of clients through analyzing, developing and delivering comprehensive solutions on time in a clear and logical manner, and putting clients on the right communications track with people who share the client’s interest.

Etijah’s services range from startup plans to helping mature businesses prepare for their next phase of growth. Some of the services that we offer are:

- Business Expansion Services
- Marketing
- Brand Development

Etijah provides its clients with insight on the region, analyze their business model’s compatibility with the market, and consult them on how to re-organize their plans to avert risk and maximize exposure.