Individual Coaching


Individual coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. Each client is unique and special with their own talents, interests, and preferences. At Etijah, we honor and support each individual and their unique goals and life direction, and work with them to help set and achieve personal goals.

Individual coaching is focused and result oriented. Our coaches address their client’s specific needs and goals. This is done by utilizing a number of tools and techniques and taking the client through the coaching process.

When people seek out individual coaches for personal goals, they often need creative solutions and ideas. Etijah’s method is a very creative process that helps clients design solutions that work for them.

Common individual coaching issues include life balance, relationships, life fulfillment, health, finances and budgeting, and stress management.

Individual coaching will help clients clarify personal and professional goals, develop through a plan of action, and overcome blocks stopping them from achieving goals.

In addition, individual coaching can enhance personal and professional relationships, and help clients stay focused on their goals by clarifying priorities and how to best use time and energy.

The Process