Student Coaching

The Process

Student coaching is one-on-one coaching for students in high school and college aimed at helping the students identify what they want to do in their careers. In the coaching sessions, the student is taken through a self-exploration process that includes the utilization of assessment tools that aid in identifying the students likes, abilities, and hidden talents.

Etijah will work with the student to structure a plan to achieve these goals by working with the student to lay out a solid and effective strategy that will help them attain the results they seek and then follow through and assist in the plan execution, including assisting with college and university selection and application.


Coaching students is a way to help guide them to making career choices that best suit their individual talents, skill set, and abilities in order for them to succeed in their chosen career paths.

Very often students make choices related to college major selection and career selection randomly or based on incomplete information and recommendations from others. While these recommendations may be good recommendations in general, they are not necessarily suited for the student.

Student coaching helps ensure that choices made by the student are personalized, which will increase the student’s chances of success in their chosen field of study as well as their future careers.