Youth Development


Etijah's focus on youth development is delivered via three main segments:

Schools and Universities

- Assist schools and universities in setting up (or improving on) student guidance programs
- Provide counselor training
- Setup programs to help students prepare for full time jobs
- Setup programs to help students prepare for University applications including major selection and application processes


- Design corporate social responsibility programs that cater to the youth of the community and are aligned with the corporation's strategy
- Recruit qualified local graduates to be placed in training programs of local corporations which Etijah helps to setup and monitor
- Setup internship programs for students

Government and Semi Government Entities

- Setup development and training programs for local students that include both theoretical training as well as practical experience to prepare them to be a productive part of the workforce
- Setup student support units for students while they are on government scholarships both in the country and abroad
Etijah’s youth development services focus on empowering the youth to reach their maximum potential. Comprehensive guidance programs in schools and universities, as well as diversified training, mentorship, and internship programs play a strong role in developing skills that are not traditionally taught in classroom settings.

Taking students and fresh graduations through these programs will equip them with skills that enable them to excel in any work setting they choose to pursue for their future.

In addition, one of the biggest problems facing the youth in the Arab world is unemployment. A major cause of unemployment in the GCC countries specifically is lack of student guidance and development. Etijah addresses these issues with students and helps develop programs that empower them to attain their goals and be successful in their chosen career paths.

The Process