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Who We Are

Etijah Coaching & Consulting Services is a coaching firm focused on human capital development. Our services are broken up into our coaching division, and our consulting division. Our coaching services cater to businesses, students, and individuals; and are supported by our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) and Business Consulting Divisions. Etijah’s consultants have specialized experience in student counseling and coaching, life and career coaching, and business coaching. In addition, our consultants have a wide range of hands on practical experience in business as well as CSR consulting, over various industries and geographic areas, giving Etijah a diverse spectrum of knowledge in these fields.

Our Mission

To provide superior services to our clients, and to empower and guide them in identifying and achieving their goals.

Our Vision

To become the leading coaching and consulting company in the Middle East.



Of the university graduates who completed the Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program from our 2019 batches were employed within 6 months of completing the program. Their average starting salary was over 20% above market average.


Young professionals have benefited from our programs.


Of the interns said they would recommend the Virtual Internship Program to their friends.


Students and recent graduates have applied to the Virtual Internship Program.


We believe in empowering people

Young professionals, employees, and managers will all achieve greater success when given the right set of tools. Successful people create successful companies, and our goal is to pave the way for companies to increase their earning potential, and for individuals to achieve their goals.


At Etijah, our employees are our greatest asset, and our goal is to consistently provide unmatched service to our clients. We work with our clients to understand their needs and provide them with customized solutions that will lead them to greater success.


We provide unmatched services to our clients by understanding their goals and needs and dedicating our resources to serve them throughout our engagement.




Development Programs

Business Consulting

Coaching Services

  • Student, Career, SME and Executive Coaching
  • Youth Development Programs
  • Coach Training Programs
  • Soft Skills Training Workshops
  • Entrepreneurship Programs


  • Business Management Consulting
  • PR and Marketing Consulting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting
  • Strategy and Planning Consulting
  • HR and Talent Acquisition Consulting


Dina Shabib

Managing Director

Welcome to our website which is dedicated to providing you with an insight into the professional programs and services you will need to achieve your personal and business goals, as well as enhance your success and professional skills.

We believe that the youth are the leaders of this era, therefore we always strive to help them identify and enhance their potential skills by coaching and mentoring them through their very first steps all the way to a successful professional life. As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said “We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.

Etijah’s portfolio also includes extensive consultancy projects, where we have helped withering businesses grow back to full health and beyond! Each member of our team has been professionally groomed and empowered to provide all our clients with service standards of the highest quality.

We feel very honored for being considered to play a part in achieving your goals and accomplishments.

Thank you for taking the time to browse through.

Sincere Regards,


Business Freedom Coaching Program

The business freedom program is designed to help you gain more time and financial freedom within your business. This program is for you if you feel:

  • Overworked
  • Underpaid
  • Feel limited

The coaching program is a 1 to 1 program made up of 10 private coaching sessions designed to help you achieve your goals over a period of 2-3 months (period may vary depending on your schedules).

The program will include:

  • 10 private sessions with the coach
  • Email and WhatsApp support in between the sessions
  • A summarised written action plan with each session
  • Freedom 🙂

Seats are limited so register now!

Program fees: 350 BD / 3,500 SAR / 950 USD 

To apply, please fill the form below.

How to Start your Business on the Side

The workshop on “How to Start your Business on the Side” is designed to learn you how to start your side business no matter how much free time you have (or don’t have)!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to choose your business idea
  • How to find the time to start your business
  • How to validate your idea
  • How to fund your business

Date: March 2 at 6-9pm (KSA time)

Program fees: 9 BD / 90 SAR / 24 USD 

To apply, please fill the form below.

How to Create the Perfect CV

The workshop on “How to Create the Perfect CV” is designed to take you in a step by step process to help you develop a CV that cannot be ignored.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Why creating your cv is both a science and an art
  • What are the common mistakes people fall into when creating their cvs
  • How to design your cv so it gets notices
  • How to create a linked in profile and use it to maximise your chances at getting a job interview
  • How to stand out as a candidate through your personal brand 

In this workshop, you will get a step by step guide to creating the perfect cv that will get noticed  by employers. In addition, by completing one of Etijah’s workshops, you will have special access to our career coaches and our database of jobs that are not advertised in public.

Date: January 12 at 5-7pm (KSA time)

Program fees: 10 BD / 100 SAR / 26.6 USD 

To apply, please fill the form below.

How to Apply for the Job you Want & Get it

The workshop on “How to Apply for the Job you Want & Get it” is designed to teach you how to send a job application that gets you a call back for an interview.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to draft the perfect job application email
  • What you should never do when sending your CV
  • Why you are not hearing back from companies
  • How to find the jobs that nobody is advertising 

In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks about how to find the hidden jobs that nobody is advertising for, and apply for them in a way that gets you that interview. In addition, you will get special access to Elijah’s database of jobs provided by our partners.

Date: January 13 at 5-7pm (KSA time)

Program fees: 10 BD / 100 SAR / 26.6 USD

To apply, please fill the form below.

FURAS Internship Program Fall 2020

After the great success of the Summer Batch, we are pleased to announce the launch of our Fall 2020 Furas Internship Program! The program will provide an opportunity for university students and recent graduates to be able to gain work experience, safely from the comfort of their homes. The program is an 8 weeks internship that allows students to participate in regular day to day company operational tasks in order to gain experience and enhance their business skills. Students will also go through training workshops organized by Etijah to help prepare them for the internship. To view the FAQs, please click here.

Program fees: 1 BD / 10 SAR / 2.7 USD

To apply, please fill the form below.

Private Career Coaching Program

The Private Career Coaching is a six-month one-on-one coaching program that will help you find your passion!  The program is made up of weekly private meetings, where our career coaches will take you through the process of working towards building up your profile and the skills needed to achieve your professional career goals! The Private Career Coaching Program includes one-on-one career coaching sessions, professional development learning material, CV and profile enhancement, interview training, and guidance on how to apply to your dream job.

Program fees: 750 BD / 75,00 SAR / 2,000 USD

To apply, please fill the form below.



”We have had the opportunity to collaborate with Etijah Coaching and Consulting Services to launch the first Virtual Summer Internship during this unprecedented time. The dedicated and motivated team of Etijah has contributed in rolling out this program which caters to the students from several universities to enhance their professional profile, while further elevating the educational sector in Bahrain. The infrastructural and the operational contribution of Etijah team supported us in running these 8 virtual weeks of the program without any downtime. We thank Etijah team for their continuous support.”

~ stc Bahrain

 Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Participant Company

“Etijah showed up when opportunities were scarce and secured us internships, we learned a lot from. The experience I got was valuable and I would definitely recommend it!.”

~ Noor Baqer

Media and Communication – American University Of Beirut

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Intern

A brief feedback by Shiraz Hayat a student of Chemical engineering from the university of Bahrain about his experience with the Virtual Internship Program in the Summer of year 2020.

“The Virtual Internship Program was beneficial and effective to Obai and Hill, where we were able to educate and instill our company values ​​in bright, bold and energetic interns Here at Obai and Hill, we are all about unleashing creativity and stepping out of the box  and this program proved to achieve our company expectations by providing meaningful experiences for both our interns and the company. We were delighted to be a part of this amazing journey and experience where we were able to hire and retain incredible interns who are now a proud part of Obai and Hill. “

Obai & Hill

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Participant Company

“My experience in the virtual internship program was unique and unmatched, I developed a lot of my soft skills and gained the opportunity to learn how work in a professional environment is .”

~ Eman Al Qubaiti

Business Administration – Bahrain Polytechnic

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Intern

A brief feedback by Raheel Al Abbasi a student of Information and Communications Technology from the Bahrain Polytechnic about her experience with the Virtual Internship Program in the Summer of year 2020.

“The Virtual Internship Program by Etijah was greatly beneficial to us and especially the interns during this tough time.  The staff at Etijah were very supportive in coordinating matters with the interns when required.  Overall, it was a good experience and we appreciate it.”

~ MENA Centre For Investment

 Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Participant Company

“Joining Etijah program was one of the best steps I’ve taken as I just launched my business. They provided me a list of well fitted interns with the skill set I needed to support me with the areas I needed. The vetted and selected well qualified candidates that I can proudly say have become part of the core team. I highly recommend working with Etijah as they will make sure to put all their efforts as they have the best interests to support you as a business owner and also provide the right type of training to these future leaders.”

~ Hamad Al Saad

Owner – The Nourisher

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Participant Company

A brief feedback by Mohammad Belal a student of Chemical Engineering from the Sheffield Hallam University about his experience with the Virtual Internship Program in the Summer of year 2020.

“It was a very useful experience for me, the level of my work has changed to a great degree, I gained practical experience while I was at home.”

~ Batool Sayed Hadi Sharaf

Interior Design – University Of Bahrain

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Intern

“I learnt about teamwork, how startups work, the threats and opportunities that come along with them. It also gave me a sense of confidence and improved my communication skills.”

~ Budoor Hussain  Abdulla

Information Systems – University Of Bahrain

Virtual Internship Program – Summer 2020, Intern

A brief feedback by Lama Alawami a student of Business Management and Finance from the University of Bahrain about her experience with the Virtual Internship Program in the Summer of year 2020.

“We had a fantastic experience working with young, enthusiastic which think in all horizons and out of box.”

~ Jayesh K Dalal

Mechanical Maintenance Manager – Bahrain Steel

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 8 2019, Client

“I think this is an excellent initiative for both students and businesses, it allows students to further expand knowledge through a business they can relate to, way more effective than textbooks.”

~ Tariq Zainal

Director – Zainal Enterprises

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 2&3 2018, Client

A brief feedback by Muhammad Usman a student of Computer Science from the SZABIST University Islamabad about his experience with the Career Coaching Program in the Summer of the year 2020.

“One of the best programs that I participated in. I highly recommend youth to enter this project.”

~ Wesal Fahad Alfadhel

Business Managment and Human Resourses – Bahrain Polytechnic

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 6 2019,  Alumni

“Working on my consultancy project for Intelaaq taught me how to be more sure of my decisions and to trust in my ability to become an effective team leader. Intelaaq was a journey that I wish had never come to an end.”

~ Qatralnada Alani

Architecture – University Of Bahrain

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 9 2019,  Alumni

“Intelaaq opened our eyes to Bahrain next generation & the future is bright for Bahraini students.”

~ Yousif Juma

Owner – F45 Training Gym

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 2&3 2018, Client

“Intelaaq has provided a fantastic opportunity for start-ups, to tap into the talent and hard work of Bahraini students, to bridge the gap between corporate and fresh graduates.”

~ Saad Ahmad

CEO – RBW Group

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 9 2019, Client

“Intelaaq will bring out qualities and skills in you that you did not realize you had, Senior Consultant Mr. Jareer will bring out exactly what you need to impress and never fail to answer your questions. One of the best experiences of my life.”

~ Dalia Hassan Makkawi

Interior Design – University Of Bahrain

Intelaaq Student Consultancy Program – Batch 5 2019,  Alumni



Bringing forth talented individuals, field experts and professional institutions to collaborate on a two day virtual event to discover solutions to some of the biggest technological challenges in the Health Care, Tourism and Smart Cities Sectors.

This is a call to all the young and bright-minded app developers, business professionals and technicians across the Middle East region. Change the world with your innovative, more efficient and liberating ideas. Join the MENA Hackathon event and take advantage of the opportunity to participate and showcase your talents and win exciting prizes!

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