An internship is a great opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills. It is always a great way to show your employer your potential, and possibly get a full time job! 

We have put together 5 tips to help you be a high performing intern- even in a virtual setup – in order to prove yourself and leave a positive impression.

  1. Maintain good communication with the people you work with

Communication is a huge part of the work life. It helps in effective task-completion and ensures that all team members are on the same page. As a virtual intern, you may need to adapt to new communication methods. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the mediums of communication used by the company early on, by doing some research and trying different features. It is also important to understand the formalities of communication between the company members and be proactive in your communication according to the company’s procedures. 

  1. Manage your time effectively

Punctuality is one of the most important characteristics for any professional. In order to be punctual, it is important to manage your time effectively. We recommend beginning your week with a plan by assigning deadlines for your week’s tasks according to priority. Experiment with different task management tools such as electronic task trackers or physical checklists. This will help you keep track of your tasks and progress. Having said that, it is also essential to be flexible. If things don’t go as planned, pause and adjust your schedule to adapt to the new situation. Always keep in mind that communicating your status with your supervisor when you’re feeling overwhelmed or have no work to do is important as your supervisor might not be aware of this information when working remotely. 

  1. Treat it like a full time job

Your internship is an opportunity to prove yourself, learn and grow. These things can only be achieved if you commit to the internship and treat it like a full-time job. In virtual internships, things can be different, but it is still crucial that you follow the company’s rules regarding working hours, attendance and submission of tasks. This will convey your seriousness about the position. 

  1. Limit distractions 

When working from home, it is necessary to maintain boundaries with the people you live with by explaining that you may not be interrupted during your working hours. Limiting such distractions will increase your focus and productivity. Consequently, helping you in delivering quality work on time. We suggest that you try different work environments at home and experiment with working for a few hours without checking your email or other communication mediums if applicable to your tasks. 

  1. Be proactive and take initiative

Being proactive in your work is another way to convey commitment. Taking responsibility for your tasks, offering to help others and only asking questions you cannot independently find answers to, are ways to show proactiveness. Most managers want subordinates who are independent and add value to the company’s work. 

Being a high-performing intern will positively impact your career. Even if you don’t get a full-time position at the company you’re working for, this opportunity will give you work experience, field knowledge and develop your transferable skills. Keep in mind that you’re not only doing the internship for the company, but also for yourself. This is why you need to get as much out of the experience as possible by putting as much effort as you can.