What to do when you can’t do what you normally do? A few tips for Small Business Owners

It’s been a challenging few weeks, for the world, and on a more local level, for our businesses. If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, then you’ve probably faced a few new challenges in the recent weeks. 

So, what do we do? Sure, we’ve all quickly made the necessary and recommended changes to how we operate, such as working from home, having remote meetings, and social distancing. But after all that is done, now what? What do we do with all the free time, and all the downtime that our business is currently facing?  

Here are a few tips to help you get through these (temporary) times. 

1- Pivot to adapt: 

Can you make any changes to your business model to adapt to the current “new” operational landscape? Perhaps become more digital? Sell or deliver online? Maybe you can engage with your customers in new ways? Think about how you can still serve your clients in an innovative way. 

2- Continue business as usual: 

Well, as usual as possible, within the new guidelines. Many things have changed, but what if this was just a “break”, just a month or two of downtime, what would you then be doing in the office? You would probably still plan for new projects, execute marketing for a new product/service, or work on enhancing your current customer relationship. Sometimes, it is crucial to change your perspective of the current situation, to make it easier for you to conduct your business activities as usual.  

3- Focus on training your team: 

Now is a great opportunity to train your team members on skills you have been wanting them to be trained on but haven’t had the time. You can either focus on one on one training, let them take online courses in a relevant field, or engage in peer training via any of the great online tools available.  

4- Clean up your back-office operations: 

Remember all the things that we said we will “get to” one day but never got around to doing it? Well, today can be that “one day” when we work on those procrastinated activities. This is the time to clear out your emails, get into those old accounts that need to be checked, update manuals, or even organize your hard drives.  

By: Dina Shabib