What is the MENA Hackathon ??

One of the Middle East’s first region-wide virtual hackathons on cloud-based innovation hosted by Tamkeen Bahrain and powered by Amazon Web Services.

The Goal Of The MENA Hackathon:

Over a period of 48 hours, the minds of selected young individuals with various skills and backgrounds will be put together to collaborate and come up with brilliant tech-based solutions in the form of applications* and prototypes* to overcome any identified challenges existing in different world sectors.

*The provision of all resources including Prototype and Application Development support is facilitated by the AWS Cloud Innovation Centers in Bahrain.

Hackathon Themes

The themes of the MENA Hackathon will include the following sectors:


Each year the world is exposed to new volumes of compelling research that can reflect progress in this field in a variety of dimensions—new age investigations, up and coming sources of data, and fresh, unique methodologies are needed to be applied in order for innovation to flourish in the field of Health Information Technology.


  • Developing new tools that promote risk-assessment of technological interfaces used in the medical field.
  • Identifying safety practices to better manage the transitions of IT systems and monitor system performance.
  • Developing real-time automated surveillance methods that make data sharing about hazardous or calamitic events more efficient.


With the rapid advancement and application of leading information technologies in the tourism and hospitality industry, it is imperative to update the growth of technology use in the past decade and set up research agenda for future exploration.


  • Developing cutting-edge tools to make it easier for businesses to automate operations for improved productivity and cost-efficiency.
  • Designing engaging and attractive mechanisms that tourism companies can adopt to deliver services to their customers with improved service quality.
  • Discovering solutions that entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector can utilize to cope with AI and robotics technologies replacing traditional workforce and changing job-profiles.

Smart Cities

More than 50% of the world’s population already lives in urban areas, with that figure predicted to rise to 70% by 2050. To reduce the challenging strain on infrastructure and the environment, cities are in need of becoming more efficient with resources, more adaptable and more resilient. Innovative Smart solutions are in need of creation to squeeze more efficiency out of the system.


  • Developing innovative technologies that support investment in sustainable infrastructure like public transport and green spaces in urban cities.
  • Creating modern-age frameworks that can be implemented to improve career and business opportunities in smart-cities.
  • Figuring out how cloud-based technologies can aid urban-planning and management in promoting the safety and affordability of housing in smart-cities.

Can your idea solve one of the above challenges? Are you ready to take this unique opportunity of a life-altering experience? Do you want the chance to  turn your creative ideas into innovative tech solutions that could change the world!??!


On the occasion of this collaborative initiative, Mr. Esam Hammad, Partnership & Customer Engagement Director at Tamkeen, said “The AWS Hackathon provides a unique opportunity for participants to exercise their innovative and creative skills while putting them into action, especially since the Kingdom’s direction is heading towards digital transformation. Thus, this hackathon will enable the participants to pitch in their ideas and creative solutions and help develop Bahrain’s various sectors, such as Health Care, which this year has proven its necessity for innovation and flexibility, in addition to Tourism and Urban Infrastructure. This also goes in line with our objectives at Tamkeen, of empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, and supporting their sustainable ideas.”

Application Requirements



Level 1 – High School Students (ages 14-18)

Level 2 – University Students & Recent Graduates (ages 18-25)

TEAM REQUIREMENTS: Min. 3 to Max. 5 Team Members


Free Pre-Hack Learning Days!!

Prior to the MENA Hackathon event itself, two consecutive Pre-Hack Learning Days will be held. 

Every participant has the opportunity to attend these days for FREE where various types of engaging and beneficial activities relevant to each sector will take place. 

Attendees of the Pre-Hack Days might get the opportunities to win some pre-hack mini-prizes or giveaways!

Types of Activities:

Speaker Sessions with prominent industry personalities

Workshops by leading field experts

Formal and Informal Meet-ups and Gatherings

Event Information






HACKATHON:  9 AM (Tue) – 9 AM (Thu) (UTC+3)

Judging Round & Closing Ceremony:12:00 PM (UTC+3) 

 NO. OF TEAMS: 20+




*The hackathon will be held completely virtually through a wide range of user-friendly and innovative online platforms.


A total of 12 teams will have the opportunity to be declared as winners, 4 teams per sector – 2 teams from each age group.

All winning teams will also receive a “Customized Mentorship Session”, an “Award Plaque” as well as “Certificates”.

First Place Winners

Amazon Kindle

AWS Promotional Credits

Second Place Winners

Amazon Echo Dot

AWS Promotional Credits

Rest of the Participants

Participation or Experience Certificates

Hackathon Modules

The MENA Hackathon will offer the support of various Mentors with knowledge of the relevant sectors to assist the teams during the different hackathon modules.

Judging Criteria

Innovation Level: is how the judges will measure your team’s awareness of the other attempts made by your potential competitors at solving the issue you are, and how you intend to position yourselves in the Hackathon. Is your team aiming to pull off an idea no one has ever pulled off before? Is your idea unique and brand new?

User Experience: is an element that will determine the key “wow” component of your solution to a challenge. What impression did your team’s hackathon application and content of pitch make? It would reflect the ingenuity of your idea despite your team’s diversity. Does your prototype incite feelings of delight, empowerment, excitement, or even relief in a human being when they use it?

Working Idea: means that the judges will test the realistic capabilities of your solution. Your team’s pitch and prototype should give a decent indication of the reliant factors and effort levels required to implement and produce the proposed technology. This criteria would aim to quantify that.

Meet The Hackathon Mentors

Meet The Hackathon Judges

Those not interested in hacking can choose to get involved as volunteers to provide additional support during the event. With the MENA Hackathon being fully online, it has the potential to build networks along local and regional markets, so don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a part of that action! To apply as a volunteer please send your CV to pr@etijahcoaching.com.

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